Sunday, March 10, 2013


As the children get older, tender moments are becoming a rarity.  Sigh.  It makes me so sad!  This rare moment was caught last summer at the fair.  

I used SVGCuts Love Always kit to make the lovely frame.  I also used a current favorite paper pack, Chantilly.  This frame kit is beautiful, and super easy to put together!  I think I will makes some more and hang them at work.  The fabric cubicle walls cant hold traditional glass and wood frames easily, but they sure could hold these paper frames that are lovely to boot!

It feels so good to get some crafty time in!  I hope you are having a craftatic weekend too!  


  1. This is so pretty!

  2. I plan to craft the heck out of my daughter's room when we move into our own home this year! I'll be following along for inspiration!! Cute photo :))


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