Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I need YOUR help! A Poll!!!

I have been toying with a bunch of ideas for this little corner in the bloggy world.  I can't decide which way to jump...  So I need your help!

Which is better?
Blog Hops- a group of bloggers who put together projects for your enjoyment.

Challenges to enter?
With a theme or inspiration to guide you.

Or both?  A blog hop to kick off a theme and then the opportunity to show your stuff?

So I guess I am asking do you want to be a lurker or a contributor?  lol

I guess I should also say that while yes, I am hoping to generate some blog traffic, but I really want to know what is more fun and helpful for you all!  This is supposed to be fun for ALL of us!

I hope you take a moment to share your thoughts!


  1. I seem to get the most exposure with Blog Hops. I have only participated in 2 so far but they were very popular posts. I got 40 new followers with the last one!

  2. I like hops, new to challenging, I say both.

  3. I like "lurking" on blog hops! I then "follow" those blogs that I can subscribe to via e-mail. (It is surprising how many blogs do not have the "subscribe by e-mail button in their sidebars...) I like hopping from blog to blog and getting all that creative inspiration from all the talented bloggers out there!


I really LOVE comments! I look forward to hearing from you!