Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Did I go too far?

In between random and tedious chores, I took a few minutes to play with some vinyl.  For whatever reason I have felt the need to name my BBF's Cameo and Cricut.  We have so much fun together, it only seems right. Right?  Is that weird? Did I go too far?  Or am I simply a big nerd and owning it?  You decide. :)
Well, I finally got it done this weekend.  I mean in my head they have had names for awhile, but they needed to be adorned with them... So I introduce to you:
This is how Amelia pretty much always looks, with her partner in crime Gypsy attached, charging and ready to go on a moments notice...
Miss Molly was lucky enough to get a name badge AND a pretty paper embellishment for her control panel.  Somehow I missed for a LONG time that the Silhouette comes with a control panel shape for a long while now.  I picked up a pretty springtime paper pack this weekend (cause you KNOW I needed more paper) and loved the colors on this striped one!  
I used some of my Cricut vinyl stash and cut it on my Silhouette with a computer font I liked.  I am finding myself slightly addicted to making labels for things out of vinyl.  I might possibly search for new things to label soon...

That's all for the time being.  I have more fun projects coming, they just need to be finished up!
Now you know just HOW big of a nerd I am!  The Mr. and the kidlets think I am weird.


  1. No you did not go too far...I took the liberty of naming my sewing machine and putting it on there in vinyl as well. Her name is Gracie.


  2. I think everything needs a "name"...Heck I am the crazy lady that names our Motorcycles. We used to have a koi pond, and all 25 koi had names....and I even remembered them...and you think you are crazy!!! Love Amelia & Miss Molly...cute!!! I so want a Cricut, just haven't brought myself to buy one yet. Think I would use us often. Hope you have a great week...and keep naming...makes me feel more sane! :)

  3. I think that's AWESOME!! I might name mine or at least I'll put MY name on it!!

  4. I think its Cute!I name all of my Critter friends. LOL!

  5. I think they are really cute!

  6. You're not weird at all!! I love naming things and so do my girls. We have named every vehicle we have owned. Love the names you picked out!!


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