Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hi friends.  Hopefully not too many of you have noticed that my mojo has been seriously missing for weeks now.  It was bad.  I couldn't finish anything!  I had no energy to make things.  I didn't even really WANT to.  I started projects and finished nothing.  It was awful.  I missed mojo...A LOT.
I also figured out that when I am not doing much in the way of crafting, I buy crafting stuff to try and make up for it.  This is a VERY bad habit.  My craft space is officially busting at the seams.  Sigh.

Finally, I had a little down time and I ventured back to my happy, crafty space. Spent a little time tidying up and then sat down to make something.  Here is what I came up with:

This adorable little snowman box is from, if you haven't checked it out, it's worth it.  They have amazing kits!  I Just love to spend money time on their site.

See! It's actually a box!  Room for lots of candies, or something else delicious.  Cookies stacked would work too!

I put glitter on the berries, and I used Peachy Keen Stamps to help me make his eyes and mouth.  
I embossed his decorative top layer, I am a little addicted to embossing.  And a ribbon around his neck for a scarf and Yay!  FINALLY a finished project!  Tah-dah!

Thanks for hanging in there with me during these slow posting weeks.  Mojo is glad to be home but will need some TLC to get fully back in the swing of things.  I look forward to sharing more projects with you very soon!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Can you find my mojo now ;) I love it.. the snowman is so cute!!

  2. I totally understand what you were/are going through, I am trying to get mine back too. I love the snowman, he is adorable. Keep it up, Crafting is therapy, so keep doing it and you will feel better all the way!!!!

  3. So cute!!! I love snowmen and he's super cute!! Hopefully your mojo stays with you :)

  4. Been there! I just love your snowman! Looks like your mojo is back full force!

  5. super cute snoman, i think we all go through the missing mojo


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