Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting organized

Hubby and Baby Girl left the nest for a couple of days to go visit my MIL and FIL up on the northern end of California.  Me and Baby Boy stayed home to hold down the fort and keeps the pets company.  I have been using this time to get my crafty/office space tidy and functional.  Somehow it ends up a dumping ground a lot and it's a small space with lots of stuff, so it needs help often.  Honestly, some of my other times "cleaning up" and organizing was spent more on the bigger things and I neglected what really needed to happen, INSIDE the furniture.  I have ended up with so may disorganized drawers, I couldn't find things.  Well that all changed.  I not only organized the insides, but made them pretty and functional outside too! 

This little wooden set of drawers got a makeover with some Avonlea paper.  I love these colors!

 This drawer cabinet thingy had each drawer dumped out, and I put many things I use often but weren't in easily accessible places all together and organized!  SO pleased with this one!
 I used my new treat tubes from Close to my heart to organize a bunch of little parts that were previously in awful, not very functional containers.  Now I can see what I have and how much!

 My Cricut handbooks!  In an easy access drawer ready to go.  They are all alphabetized by cartridge name.  I have all of my handbooks digitally loaded on my iPad and iPhone (yep, I'm a total nerd) but sometimes love to peruse the books too.  Or if I have a friend over, the books are more fun for them to flip through.  I have all of my cartridges in my Gypsy, so it's not necessary for me to keep the boxes handy.  Most are stored in the garage.  That box?  It's my newest cartridge that I got from my Cricut rewards.  It's not often they post one I don't have, as you can see! LOL


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