Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Gingerbread!

I have a little obsession with gingerbread houses. It started when I was young with an awesome dollhouse that my grandparents built for us.  It was wired and had wall to wall carpet, working doors, it was amazing.
Honestly, as an adult I might still have dollhouses around to decorate and make stuff for, but they take up a lot of room, even if they are supposed to be "small" they aren't. LOL.  Anyhow, I have a thing for architecture and houses and well you get the picture.

Then at some point I decided that gingerbread was the way to have the best of both worlds.  They are cute, smell great, and they go away after awhile.  

After Christmas last year in the 70% off bin was a wayward gingerbread house cutter set from Wilton.  I have been wanting to have a gingerbread house decorating party, and this seemed like an easy way to go about it... We finally opened the package last weekend, and my daughter went to work decorating the first house of the season....

I think she did a really great job! :)
Houses need people too, here is what she came up with:

I like Wilton's Grandmas Gingerbread Recipe.  Its easy to make and work with, even after refrigeration.  It makes yummy cookies and sturdy houses.  How can you go wrong? :)

That's it for today... The holiday's are hitting home with lots of activities this weekend! How did we suddenly get to December???


  1. This is so CUTE!!and Yummy Too!One Christmas,my sister bought my a Gingerbread house and insisted in eating it too.I did not want to touch it because it was so beautiful but HAD too!Yousee, I am weak with
    Have a wonderful Friday,

  2. these are soo cute, I know it is not exactly a recipe but love for you to share this holiday post on friday food frenzy if you have a chance.


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