Sunday, November 25, 2012


You'll be thrilled to know that all of the birds are decked out in their winter garb.  I made hats here and there in between a huge bake-a-thon followed by a huge cook-a-thon.  I don't know exactly what got into me this weekend, but it was nice visiting my kitchen.  I haven't been spending much time there to create the past several months and as it turns out I missed it!  I love to cook.  Cooking for those I love brings me joy.  We also make better, healthier choices overall when I spend time in the kitchen.  Expect some recipes rather than crafts in the coming weeks as I re discover the joy of cooking.

Oh! I finally "needed" to use the panorama feature on my new iPhone.  FUN!  It's amazing the technology we carry in our pockets (or bra in my case) these days.

Here is my son, he is just delighted with the "perfect" creations for his friends.  Perhaps I will start tracking for you all the fun and crazy places the birds go with us.


  1. The Birds are looking pretty spiffy!! . . .and I thought "I" was the only one who carried my iphone in my bra!!!

    Lisa :)


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