Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Milestone!

Yep, tonight while at dinner a new milestone happened here at My Watermelon Moon.  200 followers!  Thank you for joining me on this adventure and I am enjoying getting to know you all too!

I have spent tonight cleaning up my Pinterest boards.  Gosh, I love Pinterest!

Here are a few fun things pinned tonight:

. - Click image to find more Illustrations & Posters Pinterest pins
This is a fun pin!

A good friend shops for scrapbooking supplies with you. A true friend helps you hide the stash when you get home.
I am a Gingerbread House fanatic  I started a new pin board tonight:
Felt gingerbread house tutorial
Pinned here

I am in LOVE with this wreath!  The colors! The house!  LOVE!
XL Gingerbread House Christmas Wreath Created by UpTownOriginals,
Looks to me like a Watermelon Moon Wreath

I think that's enough for tonight!  Thank you, Thank you for joining me!  HUGS!


  1. Why not sponsor a Gingerbread House contest? Real or fantasy ones, it would be fun and give you more exposure.

    1. Linda, that is THE BEST idea!!!! I have been wanting to have a gingerbread contest for a long time. I never considered a virtual one!!!! Thank you for the idea! Look for the announcement later this week! :)

  2. Congrats x 200 !!! How fab is that ?
    On a side note, have you heard from Nana My Crafting Channel?
    Sooooo worried that she is o.k.!!!!!!!!
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S

    1. Claire, I have not heard from her, nor can I find her anywhere!
      I did find her address from when I sent her the prize, I was going to resort to snail mail!
      She has taken herself off the grid completely :(



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