Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Will Craft for Smiles

A couple of weeks ago I snuck over stopped by Michael's on my home from somewhere to look for some thing I totally didn't need needed.  What exactly that was eludes me now, but it's not the important part of the story.  While looking for whatever it was, I decided to stop by the ribbon aisle, to see if anything new and wonderful had been delivered since my last trip there (probably the day before)...  I didn't find any new and exciting ribbon, but I did find a friend (who probably doesn't want to talk to me anymore.) from work and his adorable wife trying to decide what kind of ribbon to buy for their baby shower invitations.  Of course, I couldn't say hello and leave well enough alone.  I had to ask.  I of course then had opinions.  My next project was revealing itself in unexpected ways... mostly cause I have a big mouth.

This was their first child, a baby girl.  The Mrs. had definite ideas on what she liked: kraft paper (must have), pink, something shiny.  But here was the rub... Her sister was pregnant too and due the SAME WEEK ( I think that is co-inky-dink)!  The family was throwing a joint baby shower to honor the sisters.  Sounds like a great party, right?
Mrs. wanted some shower invitations that were just her's, for the scrap book's, her friends and such, but she was also trying to figure out how to make joint invitations for family and friends that would be celebrating for both sisters.

Once we were done discussing things, they put all of the items they had selected back and we had a date to meet!  I gave them some websites to peruse so they would have an idea of what they liked before we met for the consultation.  Now let me make one thing clear, I don't make any creations for profit.  I help out friends, and they buy their own supplies, and that's it.  If I tried to make a business out of it, that would take the fun out of it.  No thanks!

After much web browsing... trial... error... try again... the adorable and glowing Mrs. decided on this:

Luckily I had this Cricut cartridge Wild Card.  Then we made the same card with a blue theme for her sister...  THEN we had to come up with a joint card so that friends and family that knew and loved both sisters wouldn't be perplexed by two invitations to the same party!  They both were schooled in how to use the Cricut so we could cut a bazillion cards...This is what we came up with:

Look at how CUTE the double carriages facing each other are!  I used my gypsy to flip, weld, edit, add to make that double card happen.  The family LOVES the card and the excitement and happiness made it all worth it.  It took a LONG time to cut 75 invitations and all of the layers and little parts.  Thankfully they brought in help and assembled them all.  But yes, I definitely will Cricut (or Silhouette) for smiles anytime.  That's what makes this crafting business fun, making other's smile!

This was quite a wordy post wasn't it?  But it was a fun project and a fun way to accidentally find the project, so I wanted to share it all with you!   I hope you enjoyed and have a fabulous day.



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