Sunday, October 7, 2012

So tell me, Which holidays do your decorate your toilet for?

Fun Halloween idea! Just black paper cut to fit the bowl.No really, do you decorate your toilet for special holiday's?  Although it was a decorated toilet, I thought this was really cute, so I pinned it anyways. I always want to give credit where it is due so, here is the link.

Then I got to thinking... What if I am missing out on some sort of super-secret-toilet-decorating-for-the-holiday's-requirement?  I could be making some sort of HUGE faux paux by missing out on this.   Then I decided that might be ridiculous, and I probably shouldn't lose any sleep over it, right?  And if you have little kids, will they be to terrified to use the bathroom anymore, I mean if something seems to be looking at them?  All things to ponder...

Well I still really like the over all idea of this project (even if it is a toilet. Hey, maybe I will try decorating the throne this year... why not, right?). I decided to try the technique with something I felt more comfortable decorating... a box.

First, I made a cute little box from Close to my Heart's exclusive Cricut cartridge: Artiste.  It is an amazingly versatile cartridge, if you don't have it for your collection yet, you're missing out!  You can buy it from me here.  If you PM me, I will even give you $20 off to package!

Anywhoo... I made the box, SUPER easy and fast!  It can be done with a single 12 x 12 sheet.  Mine was a two sided sheet, so I used one side for the lids and one side for the box base. The lids require NO glue, and one shot along the middle part with my ATG, anyhow, these would be easy to mass produce.
I then cut the black paper by hand, fussed with it a bot to get an angle I thought was right and glued!  Lining it up MUST be done with the lid ON.  I also free cut the little hands.  I love google eyes, so I used those.  I think that this would also look great with some sinister, slanty, halloween-y eye balls too. But I didn't have any handy.

Over all?  Success, don't you think?   Can you imagine how cute a Christmas version is going to be?  How does one make elf eyes? Hrm...

The Cricut Artiste Collection!


  1. Too cute. Love how you took the idea from the inspiration piece. lol

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  2. LOL...Too Cute!too Funy!Love it!

  3. Melissa:
    Cute toilet - I might try that! Great conversation piece at that! I like you box too! Welcome to the MCC team as well - I joined your blog and by email as well! Have a great week!


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