Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween!

The sleepover birthday party is done and now it's time to switch modes. We are getting ready for Halloween!  The Mr. has some requested items to make his decorating complete... I had better get to work! 

Meanwhile, we have all of these fun things already ready already:

Some of my favorites first!

Here is some new friends made of paper to go with my non- paper spooky town.  The Scare us Wheel and Tent are paper!  The merry go round is NOT, but don't think for a minute that one isn't coming for Christmas!!! I have BIG plans for Christmas! :)

A trick or treat  wreath for our door:

Pretty Damask Paper pumpkin anyone?

Treat Bags and boxes for the kids...

I also have to bust out a costume this weekend... My son has very unique needs, lol.
Here is the costumes I made last year:

These were all made out of felt, and some spray glue and with the help and sewing talents of a good friend.
We had a ton of fun making them!  I however am on my own this year.  The good news is, I have since learned how to change the thread in my sewing machine and can actually sew really, really simple things.  My patience will be fully tested Sunday... :)


  1. so spooky cool love it. if you could remove my badge that nana made I would appreciate it. I will have a new one soon. hugs

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  3. How fun is this?!! Those costumes are a hoot! New follower from the Weekend Blog Walk.


  4. too cute, I love it all!

  5. Awesome costumes!! Love the Halloween stuff too :))
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  6. Awesome projects and Costumes Melissa!!

  7. Everything looks great, and fun!

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  8. What wonderful creations you have made! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  9. You know your Halloween! Too cool!
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