Monday, September 3, 2012

Peachy Keen Challenge 33 Anything Goes!

So I have been trying to figure out the best way for ME to color some of my adorable stamp collection.  An expensive marker option isn't for me mostly because my kids will get a hold of it, then I'd have to kill them! Oh, that and I am TERRIBLE at it!  I hate all of the marker coloring I have done. So... I tried watercolors!  And I am in LOVE! For me, it's the perfect medium.  It's also a REALLY relaxing way to color.  So with my new found technique, I got out my June Peachy Keen Stamp of the Month kit and finally felt confident in making it colorful and cute as the stamps Kathy designed!
I even water colored the white background card stock!  I went nuts! It's not perfect, and my technique has room for improvement, but it's a medium I am enjoying.  
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  1. So I just bought a bag of like 100+ stamps from an online yard sale the other day and I really want to get into card making and put them to good use! I'm excited to see what suggestions you have for me because this is already a fantastic one! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following me. I've followed you back. Yay for being blog friends! :)

    1. Welcome new friend and enjoy those stamps! Warning: it's addicting! :D I have lots more stuff coming up...

      Have a fabulous day!

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