Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm just giddy!  So close! To 100 :)
Perhaps we will get there before I go to bed tonight? (I'm PST so I harbor hope)

Well, while I'm sure my musings are enthralling, let's talk crafts.  Here is one of the cards I made this weekend:

Not a craft machine in sight for this one.  I simply cut with my paper trimmer, and then stamped away!
It was simple, fast and I think it turned out pretty okay.  What do you think?

Did you see the super cool cauldron?  or this weeks giveaway???  Be sure to look around to find them!
The giveaway will close not too long after we reach 100, and there won't be another one until 200!!!
I also have some more SUPER cool 3D projects coming your way this week! Yay!

Thanks so much for stopping by, be sure to leave me a comment on something that catches your eye!


  1. How exciting. I was up last week counting down before I went to bed on my follower giveaway. I hope you reach it bore bed time. I will be here watching with you.

    Very pretty card. Love all the stamping.

    Hugs Nana
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    1. Thanks Nana!

      These blog numbers are kind of addicting! ;)
      Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments too!
      Your blog is adorable BTW!

  2. Yay I'm #100! Thanx for stopping by my blog Just stopped by to check you out, now I'm your newest follower.

  3. Congrats you've reached it! Im going to have to try that with a card.


  4. onward to 200

  5. YEPPIE!!!! you made it.. Look forward to your next goal. Did you sign up for my 500 follower giveway?

    Hugs Nana
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  6. You have an absolutely adorable blog. Love everything about it. I am follower 101. :)



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