Thursday, September 20, 2012

Food Stamps!

I NEEDED new ink pads, and they NEEDED to be pretty colors... and they HAPPENED to be tasty colors too.  So basically, they are food stamp... pads :)

 UPDATE: Even though lots of you have already seen this, I still have an opportunity to possibly redeem myself with those who are new here...  Let me just put a couple of thoughts out there:
1. When I've been busy and I haven't crafted anything great for the week I may subject you to bad jokes, see bad joke above.
2. I promise not to try and sell you on Close to my Heart all the time. Sure I will bring it up when I use their stuff in my posts, I will tell you about really cool promotions, but, its not what this blog is all about. I'm loving my new crafty/bloggy friends and I want to keep you. So no high pressure. Promise.

For those that don't know, I am a Close to my Heart Consultant, and above is this weeks order for me.  Some card stock and ink pads.  Because I am ADDICTED to CTMH Acrylix Stamp sets and basically everything Close to my Heart... :)  It all started with the Art Philosophy Cartridge:
Then the stamps and the stamp pads... Then I tried some of the paper.  I was HOOKED!  It's beautiful, great quality AND everything is color coordinated, so it's easy and always looks beautiful!
Last month came Artiste, another MUST HAVE cartridge for Cricut users...
If you are at all interested in trying some Close to my Heart products just let me know! :)
I'd love to  make you addicted too introduce you!
You have a few days to get this awesome stamp set for only $5 with a $35 order! WOW!


  1. Funny to me....I totally expected something else when I got stamps?....the other kind....running rampant!...I was wondering how I could qualify...(joke)!!!

    1. LOL, well I am glad SOMEBODY got it! :)


  2. Hello! Glad I found you via the That Friday Blog Hop! I have a Cricut Machine and need more ideas on how to use it!


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